what are stair nosing?

Aluminium stair nosing with coloured slip resistant inserts provide safety, design and protective features to virtually any stair case. They also ensure that necessary Australian Standards are met. Stair nosing enable:

Slip Resistance

AS P3, P4 and P5 slip resistance requirements for stairs.


Not just a safety product but also a design element; Safety Stride stair nosing add definition to stairs by way of architectural lines and contrasting colours

Luminance Contrast

AS 1428.1 specifies a  minimum of 30% luminance contrast requirement between the stair nosing and the surrounding substrate colour.

Edge Protection

Stair nosing protect substrates and floor coverings from wear and chipping. This especially true when it comes to tiled, concrete and carpeted floors.

Who we are

  • Safety Stride has been involved in the flooring industry since 2006
  • Our quality manufactured products are designed to outperform & outlast the competition
  • We offer installation instructions and product advice on technical stair related compliance issues

Value for money

  • Do you think "Made in Australia" means you are paying more? Please ask us for a quote and be pleasantly surprised
  • Our VAST experience in this area and efficiency means that we can still be highly competitive while offering service, quality and dependability

quality control

  • Strict quality control measures ensure customers only receive defect-free material
  • Our aluminium profiles are extruded to tight tolerances right here in Australia
  • Our abrasive inserts are manufactured using methods which ensure repeatable slip resistance performance and are free of any visible batch to batch variation


Whether your project has concrete stairs; timber, tiled, carpeted, vinyl or rubber – let our more than 10 years of specialisation in this field work for you! Our services include:

technical sales

We assist you in selecting the correct product for your application in light of design, technical installation, visual compliance and slip resistance requirements. 


We produce aluminium extrusions, thermoplastic extrusions & abrasive inserts to create stair nosing / stair treads which fulfil engineering and aesthetic requirements.


Thermosplasic and aluminium waste streams are diverted from landfil and re-ground/smelted.


In addition to the stair nosing extrusions and insert, we also supply all necessary adhesives and fixings to suite your installation.


Orders are carefully packaged in sturdy timber or cardboard packages to ensure they can be transported anywhere in Australia and arrive in perfect condition.

optional installation

If your stairs are in a commercial area, business or strata building; we can organise for one of our partners to install the stair nosing for you.

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